Newpoint Capital & Guarantee Ltd (NPC&G) provides commercial indemnities and guarantees bound by strict legal agreements to satisfy obligations under agreements between corporate entities. The company is established, registered and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

The core expertise is the provision of trade finance and structured products which support our unique, innovative as well as standard practice solutions to deliver commercial indemnities and guarantees between counterparties.

NPC&G acts as a Principal. However, if supporting parts of the transaction are governed by a regulated activity, we utilise our Partners and Associates to deliver these components, ensuring that full compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks is maintained in the delivery of the obligation agreed between the counterparties.

Newpoint Financial (Europe) Limited is the parent company of NPC&G.


The Directors (Leadership Team) have over 80 years business experience between them.


Keith Beekmeyer

CEO, Deal Architect And Structured Products

Keith is highly experienced with over 40 years in the financial services and insurance sectors holding a variety of operational Board positions, covering financial solutions, risk management and insurance. A true business leader with a wealth of experience in building long term relationships with clients, partners and vendors. Demonstrable emerging markets experience.

Focused and driven problem solver and deal architect, seeking to deliver superior results. He has a track record of creating innovative solutions and ways to grow revenue and increase margins, in particular using structured finance solutions in emerging markets. He also has practical experience in managing turnaround projects with significant success.


Andrew Bye

Executive Director, Risk Management and Operations

Andy is a qualified, and highly experienced risk management and risk finance professional, providing functional responsibility to FTSE 100 or equivalent entities. He has been engaged in the risk profession for over 40 years, holding varied positions both in an employed and a consulting capacity. He has extensive knowledge and skills, gained by operating in both non-regulatory and regulatory environments. His commercial experience is drawn from a wide range of industrial, international and trade sector both in the UK and overseas. In addition, he has extensive experience in financial services, and is actively engaged in supporting professional and institute standard bodies.